Beyond Youth CIC is a Community Interest Company set up to give support to young offenders to enable them to lead positive, fulfilling lives. We make available a  higher standard of therapeutic intervention to the masses and not just the privileged. We do this through the delivery of our Chance 2 Change programme.

Chance 2 Change is a group based intervention, where the only criteria for referral is a willingness to attend. Chance 2 Change has proven effectiveness in a variety of settings including; Pupil Referral Units, Youth Clubs, Youth Offending Teams, Care Homes and in both Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions. Chance 2 Change offers a unique programme which is tailored around the needs of the young person, allowing ownership and identity. Our results show a non re-offending rate of around 80%.

“Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for offenders is a natural choice.  Changing the way people think and setting boundaries can lead to significant changes in behaviour.  Without doubt it is a useful tool in the armoury against reoffending.

Chance 2 Change is a wonderful and affective treatment programme that is producing fascinating results and can lead to a significant reduction in reoffending rates.”

Dr Neil Brener, Consultant Psychiatrist

“The results [of the Chance 2 Change Programme] are second-to-none in terms of demonstrable outcomes.  One of the few courses that always achieves full attendance and retention amongst our young men.”

Eryl Doust, Head of Reducing Re-Offending, HMYOI Portland

Joe’s Story

Joe hears about C2C in his YOI & signs up. He starts by going to the 8 group sessions. The sessions have a structure but it is Joe & his peers who determine the content.  Joe works on confidence building, self-awareness, victim awareness & positive thinking.  Joe has time to talk, say how he feels & what he wants from life. Joe is learning how his behaviour affects other people & how to deal with the consequences. He is learning to communicate in a positive way & he is being listened to!   Through the sessions Joe has sets short & long-term goals for himself & builds a portfolio of his journey & his ambitions for the future.

When he is released he meets his coach and they work through his portfolio. His coach helps him liaise & advocate with support agencies & helps Joe to rebuild relationships with family. He also supports Joe to achieve his goal to train as a plumber.  They find a mentor who is a plumber, as a team they find a training & apprentice programme.

Joe also goes to a support group run by young people from C2C where he can socialise & get peer support.   Joe is on his way and he has a community of support to help keep him on his new path.  It’s not all smooth sailing, but Joe’s coach helps Joe use the tools he learned in the group sessions to manage the low points & move on positively.

After a year, when Joe feels he is on his feet, and is ready to get involved, he joins the C2C Youth Forum and becomes a peer mentor for young people making the transition he made from the YOI to back into the community. He is able to help others through their journeys he, he is an inspiration because Joe is living proof of what is possible when given a Chance 2 Change.

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